Producer Profile


RYOT has co-produced VR pieces with Amy Rosner, Jackie Westfall, Jake Sally, Michelle Zauzig, Bryn Mooser, Hayley Pappas, Spherica, Tyson Sadler, Gabriel Lifton-Zoline, AP, American Family Insurance, Autumn MacIntosh, Keanu Reeves, Sierra Club, Marc Janks, Zahra Rasool, 1001 Media, Living on One, United Nations, A24, Clorox, Amy Kellner, Jenna Pirog, New York Times, Associated Press, Molly DeWolf Swenson,, Asher Levin, Pencils of Promise, David Darg & Huffington Post.  Works produced by RYOT have appeared at CIFF 2018, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018, Sundance 2017, Tribeca 2016, Cannes 2016 & Tribeca 2015.


Year Title Director(s)
2018 Mind at War Sutu
2017 Take Every Wave: Laird in VR
2017 Papua New Guinea David Darg
2017 Pale Red Dot Smiley Stevens
2017 Thai Vegetarian Festival
2017 Bashir's Dream Angel Manuel Soto
2017 Duppy Gun Riddims Taliesin Gilkes-Bower
2017 Saving Son Doong (Part 2) Averie Timm & Tarik Benbrahim
2017 Saving Son Doong (Part 1) Averie Timm & Tarik Benbrahim
2016 The Artist of Skid Row Tyson Sadler
2016 Rethinking Cuba (Repensando a Cuba) Angel Manuel Soto & Gabriel Lifton-Zoline
2016 The Second Line: A Parade Against Violence Angel Manuel Soto & Matt Ogens
2016 Mongolia: The Ancient Art of Eagle Hunting Cale Glendening & Cory Tran
2016 Ghats on the Ganges
2016 Fearless Dreamers: Rachel Fleit
2016 Fearless Dreamers: Michael Patrick Thornton
2016 Fearless Dreamers: Kyle Fosso
2016 Toxic Tour Benjamin Roffee
2016 Ready for 100
2016 I Struggle Where You Vacation Angel Manuel Soto
2016 For My Son Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci
2016 The World Inside Room
2016 Purely Peru David Darg
2016 10 Shots Across the Border Ben Roffee & Tyson Sadler
2015 Seeking Home Tyson Sadler
2015 Confinement Matthew Cooke
2015 Nepal Quake Project Bryn Mooser & David Darg
2015 Growing up Girl David Darg
2015 Act In Paris Cory Tran & Tyson Sadler
2015 The Dolphin Project Lincoln O'Barry & Martha Rogers
2015 Pencils of Promise
2015 The Crossing Tyson Sadler
2015 Global Citizen Ryan Gall & Stash Slionsky


No known awards.