Producer Profile


Jaunt has co-produced VR pieces with Ape, Brendan O'Brian, Grace O'Brian, Hase, Isobar, Plot, Reddogs VR, Viva Sound, Diageo, Conservation International, Jennifer Shoemaker, Tastemade & XRez Studio.  Works produced by Jaunt have appeared at Sundance 2017.


Year Title Director(s)
2018 Carriberrie Dominic Allen
2018 Decisions: Party's Over Patrick Meegan
2017 Under the Canopy Patrick Meegan
2016 A Perfect day in LA
2016 Home Turf: The Needles
2016 Home Turf: Rampage
2016 Home Turf: Iceland
2016 Home Turf: Moab
2016 Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Inca


No known awards.