Producer Profile


BBC has co-produced VR pieces with Charlotte Jones, David Bradshaw, Kevin Jorge, Phil Stuart, Preloaded, Tom Burton, VR Immersive Education, Anagram, Zillah Watson, Andrew Brown, Sam Smith, Mitch Turnbull, Oculus, Play Nicely, Aardman Animation, Rewind, Peter Passmore, Blackmarket Studio, Enter Yes, Nigel McAlpine, Hello Charlie, Paul Deane, ScanLAB, Catherine Allen, Crossover Labs, Dan Tucker, Katy Morrison, VRTOV, James Brickell, Sam Hume, BBC Earth & Christina Holvey.  Works produced by BBC have appeared at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018, Venice Film Festival 2018, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016, Raindance 2016, SIGGRAPH 2018, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 & Raindance 2017.


Year Title Director(s)
2018 Damming the Nile: Episode 1
2018 Damming the Nile: Episode 2
2018 Life In VR: California Coast
2018 1943: Berlin Blitz David Whelan
2018 Make Noise May Abdalla
2018 Congo VR: A Troubled Past
2018 Congo VR: War and Disease
2018 Congo VR: Great Riches
2017 Crossing the Sky: Trek to School through the Himalayas Anna Bressanin & Vikas Pandey
2017 Bloodhound: Building the World's Fastest Car Andrew Brown
2017 Cat Flight Mitch Turnbull
2017 Oogie Mitch Turnbull, Olie Kay & Play Nicely
2017 Bear Island
2016 We Wait Daniel Efergan & Darren Dubicki
2016 Home - An Immersive Spacewalk Experience Kate Bartlett & Tom Burton
2016 The Resistance of Honey Peter Boyd Maclean
2016 Ghosts of Thievpal Kris Kelly
2016 Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur
2016 Rome's Invisible City VR
2016 Trooping the Colour 360
2016 Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel Oscar Raby
2016 Planet Earth II: Islands Jonny Keeling
2016 Planet Earth II: Cities
2016 Planet Earth II: Deserts
2016 Planet Earth II: Jungle
2016 Planet Earth II: Mountains


  • Audience Award for Alternate Realities VR Project: Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016: Home - An Immersive Spacewalk Experience
  • Cannes Lion (Silver award) 2017: Home - An Immersive Spacewalk Experience