Director Profile

Tyson Sadler

Tyson Sadler has co-directed VR pieces with Ben Roffee & Cory Tran.  Works by Tyson Sadler have appeared at Tribeca 2016.


Year Title Producer(s)
2016 The Artist of Skid Row Hayley Pappas, RYOT, Spherica & Tyson Sadler
2016 10 Shots Across the Border Amy Kellner, Bryn Mooser, Gabriel Lifton-Zoline, Jenna Pirog, New York Times & RYOT
2015 Seeking Home Associated Press & RYOT
2015 Act In Paris Asher Levin, Bryn Mooser, Molly DeWolf Swenson, RYOT & Sierra Club
2015 The Crossing David Darg, Huffington Post & RYOT

Known Awards

No known awards.