Director Profile

Gabo Arora

Gabo Arora has co-directed VR pieces with Ari Palitz, Jayisha Patel & Chris Milk.  Works by Gabo Arora appeared at Tribeca 2017, SXSW 2017, Sundance 2017, WVRF 2017, Cannes 2016, Tribeca 2016, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015, IDFA 2015 & Sundance 2016.


Year Title Producer(s)
2017 The Last Goodbye Here be Dragons, MPC VT, OTOY & Stephen Smith
2017 Notes to My Father Jayisha Patel, My Choices Foundation, Oculus & Reel FX
2016 My Mother's Wing Here be Dragons & UN
2015 Clouds over Sidra Here be Dragons, UN & Within
2015 Waves of Grace Here be Dragons


  • Interactive Award: Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015: Clouds over Sidra