Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters // Project News // Jun 30, 2019.

VR Docs project showcase event at Bristol Watershed

June 25th saw the opening of the Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters Showcase at Bristol’s Watershed Cinema. This was the first opportunity for invited guests to get a sneak peek at the three VR pieces that were commissioned through the project, and to meet the creative teams behind them.

Showcased on the day were 'The Waiting Room: VR' (Victoria Mapplebeck), 'Love and Seawater' (Lisa Harewood and Ewan Cass-Kavanagh) and 'Transplant' (VRTOV’s Oscar Raby and Katy Morrison). Alongside live previews, guests were presented with imagery and materials developed during their production. Later in the evening, three panel discussions were held where our guest were given the opportunity to interact with the artists, the producers and the research team.

A ‘Work in Progress’ was held the following day, where the research team first reported the preliminary findings of several studies that were ongoing across the project. In the afternoon, Nonny de la Peña, CEO & Founder of Emblematic Group, demonstrated her new REACH platform ( which was well received by the audience. The event closed with a plenary from the heads of the project team Kirsten Cater, Mandy Rose and Danae Stanton Fraser.

VRTOV's Oscar Raby and Katy Morrison discuss the development of their piece 'Transplant'

Our keynote Nonny De La Pena presents Emblematic Group's 'Reach' platform.

Lisa Harewood and Ewan Cass-Cavanagh discuss the development of 'Love and Seawater'

Victoria Mapplebeck, director of 'The Waiting Room' VR with producer Shehani Fernando.