Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters // Project News // Dec 17, 2019.

The Waiting Room VR wins 2019 IDFA Doclab award for Digital Storytelling

We’re excited to report that one of our three commissioned pieces, Victoria Mapplebeck’s “The Waiting Room VR” has just won the 2019 IDFA Doclab award for Digital Storytelling.

Here is what the judges had to say:

The project was able to, by placing us in a very rare and unexpected point of view, address the complexity and simplicity of one of the most dramatic human experiences. The project put us in a dry, impersonal place and contrasted it with very warm and heart-wrenching audio. The premise, the story, the tension and the location are all very simple, and yet the experience of all these simple and contradictory things - a phone call, familial conversations, a hospital bed, the sounds of machines - was haunting. It provoked us to breathe and feel, and left us with a sense that we just experienced something new and poignant and unforgettable”.

And from Victoria herself:

"I was delighted to win The DocLab award for Digital Storytelling at IDFA , we were really honoured to be in competition with such great artists . I really couldn’t have done it without my production team and in particular the feedback and support I received from Prof. Mandy Rose , Prof. Ki Carter and Prof. Danae Stanton Fraser, who had faith in me from the off".

Huge congratulations to Victoria and the team!