Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters // Project News // Oct 19, 2020.

Watch Professor Mandy Rose in conversation on the ethics of VR documentary

Mandy Rose was recently hosted by MIT Open Documentary Lab where she delivered a talk about the VR Docs project's work on the ethics of VR documentary:

Documentarists engaging with VR encounter ethical issues common to traditional documentary practice. Additionally, VR documentary gives rise to specific ethical challenges relating to the psychological implications of immersion for users, to data extraction and privacy, and associated with the claim that immersion in real world content has unique prosocial potential. In this online lecture, Mandy Rose will unpack the domains in which VR provokes novel or specific issues for documentary practice, and discuss how a toolkit might support VR nonfiction practitioners in thinking through the ethics of their work. The lecture reflects research undertaken within the EPSRC Virtual Realities; Immersive Documentary Encounters project.

Watch the talk in full here: