Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters // Project News // Aug 14, 2018.

Alternate Realities at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018

Researcher Chris Bevan visited the Alternative Realities exhibition at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 to catch up with the latest and greatest in non-fiction VR.

One of the challenges of studying the emergence of VR non-fiction is the fact that many of the bleeding-edge experimental pieces are shown first (and sometimes only ever shown) as installations in museums or film festivals. The Alternative Realities exhibition at Doc/Fest is therefore one of only a few opportunites where we get to see where the state of the art currently lies, particularly with regard to room scale experiences.

Sadly we were not able to catch them all, but some of the highlights included The Day the World Changed, Is Anna OK?, Vestige and Manic.

The Alternative Realities exhibition is soon touring the UK, starting at the London Barbican in late August. Entry is free. It is well worth a visit.