Nonfiction VR Programme


Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories. 16 Sep 2016 - 18 Sep 2016, Canada.

VR Nonfiction Titles Shown: 8

Title Producer Director(s) Duration
Nobel's Nightmare SmartNews Agency Chamsy Sarkis 5 Min
Marriage Equality VR 3ality Technica Celine Tricart & Steve Shklair 6 Min
Edge of Space Koncept VR Thomas Wallner 11 Min
Wild Things VR WORLD PREMIERE Cream Productions Tristan and Andrew 6 Min
The Prospects Beauty of Science Yan Liang & Zaoeyo 2 Min
Gotthard 360 SRF Sylke Gruhnwald 8 Min
The Click Effect Annapurna Pictures James Nestor & Sandy Smolan 7 Min
Born Into Exile WORLD PREMIERE Picture This Productions Charlotte Mikkelborg 9 Min