Director Profile

Chloé Rochereuil

Chloé Rochereuil has co-directed VR pieces with Jules Izac, Victor Agulhon & Raphaël Guillet.  Works by Chloé Rochereuil have appeared at VR Arles Festival 2017.


Year Title Producer(s)
2018 The Line Walkers TARGO
2018 This is Your Captain Speaking TARGO
2018 The Ghostbusters TARGO
2018 Into the White TARGO
2018 Paris' Queen Bee TARGO
2018 The Freefall Dancer TARGO
2018 The Hot Air Balloon Family TARGO
2018 Unidentified Sliding Object TARGO
2018 Pimp my Combine Harvester TARGO
2018 Railway Junkies Modeling Club TARGO
2018 Mister Vampire TARGO
2018 The Pet Undertaker TARGO
2017 The Last Pigeon Racers TARGO
2017 Remembering D-Day David Hamlin, TARGO & VRtually There

Known Awards

No known awards.